Visit the tallest tower of India


Delhi is not only the capital of India, but it is also a very fascinating city especially for the travellers. This city is mainly divided into two parts – the Old Delhi and the New Delhi. In the city, there are some enchanting places to visit and so it is one of the most important tourist destinations in India.

Here, in this city; lies Qutab Minar; which is said to the tallest stone tower ever built in India. This Minar was started to be constructed in the year 1199 and the person who started the construction was named as Qutab ud din Aibak. Some say, only after his name, this tower was named as Qutab Minar. There is another story as well. It says, this Minar was named after a Sufi saint whose name was KhwajaQutabuddinBakhtiyar Kaki. Though Qutab ud din Aibak started building this monument he could not complete it. It was completed by the next king Iltutmish who was the son in law of Qutab ud din Aibak. There is also an adjacent mosque to this tower where people would gather to offer a prayer to their lord.

This tower is mainly made from buff sandstones and red sandstones. On the entire body of the tower there have been some intricate carvings whichhave verses from the Holy Quran. The entire tower has five storeys and each one of them has projected balconies. They are also made from sand stones and all of them have a similar honeycomb designs. The Minar has a height of 72.5 meters and from ground to reach the top, one has to climb 379 steps. The diameter of the ground floor is 14.3 meters and it narrows down to 2.7 meters on the top. There are different types of inscriptions on the wall of the tower and they belong to different rulers like SikanderLodhi, Firoz Shah Tughlaq and later by Major R Smith. The premise in which this tower was built previously belonged to the Laal Kor, which was the Red Citadel of Delhi and was the pride of Hindu rulers and ChauhanaRajputs of this capital.

If one visits this place, they will not only find this Minar but other structures as well. Here lies the first ever mosque of India which is named as Quwwatul Islam mosque and the entrance of this mosque is known as Alai Darwaza. Then there is a 4th century iron pillar which is a remarkable thing here. It is believed that if one can hold the pillar with the back of their hands, their wishes get fulfilled.

If one is in Delhi, they should definitely visit this place which has a lot of historical importance. Though this tower has begun to build in the year 1193 it was completed much later in the year 1368. That is why; there is a stark difference in the architecture of this tower from one storey to another. This towers is located at Mehrauliand was built to establish the victory if the Islam over the Hindu dynasty.

The premise is known as Qutab complex and it is 16 kilometres away from Connaught Place. The timings of the opening and closure of this tower is written on the official website. One can get to know Qutab Minar timings from there.