Traveling With Allergies: 4 Tips For Booking A Hotel


For those with severe allergies and asthma, travelling can be a challenge. Even a low level of dust or mold in a hotel room can cause life threatening symptoms, and it’s hard to know in advance what accommodations will be safe for you and your families. So what can you do? Do you have to consign yourself to skipping leisure trips forever?

There’s no need to deny yourself a vacation if you prepare yourself and the hotel for your arrival, and more hotels are becoming allergy aware every day. Here are 4 steps you can take for a happy and healthy stay, no matter where you’re headed.

Pets, Smoke, And Allergens

Whenever you book a hotel for a trip, look for hotels that are non-smoking and pet-free establishments. Though many hotels won’t allow pets in the first place, depending on where you’re traveling, it may still be commonplace for people to smoke indoors. If you’re struggling to find a place that can accommodate these two requests, make sure to specify that your room must be exclusively pet- and smoke-free. If the best a hotel can offer is a thorough cleaning, look elsewhere.

Ask About The Pure Room

Though not many places are using the Pure Room system yet, Pure Room accommodations are designed to meet the needs of travelers with severe allergies and asthma. They feature a special air purifier, use gentle substances like tea tree oil for their antimicrobial properties, and are even outfitted with allergy-friendly bedding – the same type of microfiber, mono-filament bedding you would use at home.

Skip The Discounts

We understand that traveling is expensive, but you shouldn’t put your health at risk by staying at a discount hotel during your trip. The reality is, that in addition to being in dangerous neighborhoods, discount hotels are often very dirty. The maintenance staff are paid little and kept on a tight schedule, giving them little time to thoroughly clean the rooms, and you’re likely to encounter every allergy trigger in the book.

Make Special Requests

Even if you’ve managed to find a suitable hotel for your trip and know that you’ll be staying a smoke- and pet-free environment, don’t be afraid to make special cleaning requests in advance of your arrival. Dust is the enemy of your asthma and allergy symptoms, so ask the hotel to clean the ventilation system before you arrive. This likely isn’t a part of their regular cleaning routine, but if you explain that you’re concerned about health issues caused by dust, the hotel staff should be more than happy to help.

You won’t enjoy your vacation if you don’t prioritize your health, so make sure your hotel can meet your needs before you embark on the journey. Too often, those suffering from asthma and allergies find themselves coughing and sneezing within an hour of entering their accommodations on a trip. Take care of your health first and speak to management if your room is causing unpleasant symptoms.