Travel Needs? Lodging? Food? A Comprehensive Approach to Your Australian Excursion


The Land Down Under is filled with countless events, attractions, and activities, which happen to be the main reasons for the country’s tourism boom over the past decade. From the beautiful Sydney Opera House and sprawling Gold Coast to the largely untouched Hunter Valley and world-renowned Kakadu National Park, Australia features a multifaceted tourism industry that can cater to any palate for adventure. However, any type of trip to this country can quickly go south if you don’t have the proper means of transportation.

While there are buses and taxicabs around every street corner, you probably aren’t venturing to the Great Outback with the intent of spending time in smelly buses and cabs with a bunch of sweaty tourists. In this regard, renting your own personal vehicle offers your travel group the most freedom during your holiday, and it’s something you should look into long before your departure date rolls around. If you want to save some money and experience autonomy in its fullest sense, you should look into reserving a “house on wheels” for your vacation.

The Modern Campervan

As the pinnacle of vehicular engineering, today’s campervans feature not only high fuel efficiency and a large double bed, but also 240V plug-ins for appliances, a kitchen table, ample seating, a small sink, plenty of storage, cooking utensils, and most importantly, an easy-to-drive mode of operation. This is a far cry from the clunky, fuel guzzling motorhomes of decades past and it lends credence to the rediscovery and popularisation of road trips in this day and age.

If you’re looking for a cheap campervan hire in Australia, it’s important to partner with the right rental agency. In this regard, you should seek out a supreme level of customer service and a host of value-added benefits; otherwise, you’ll end up paying over the top for your rental.

A One-Way Journey is the Best Kind

It has been said that regardless of how exhilarating a particular journey happens to be, it’s the trip back that tends to get under peoples’ skin. Thus, being able to pick up a well-appointed campervan and simply drop it off once your expedition ends is of the utmost importance, especially when taking into account the exhausting nature of a round-trip excursion. So, not only should your rental agency offer GPS solutions, cookery, roadside assistance, and year-round discount options, they should also feature multiple nationwide locations to allow for free one-way trips. This will allow you to hit the road, see the sights, and simply conclude your journey in a straight line by dropping off the campervan at a separate agency.

As you begin your research online, the best rental agencies will quickly identify themselves, especially if you employ this article as a checklist. Still, you should always pay close attention to customer reviews, because after all, what better way to ascertain the standing of each rental agency than through first-hand accounts?

If you’ve never taken a campervan expedition across Australia’s vast natural expanse, you’re definitely in for a treat!