Top 10 attractions of Wroclaw by ITS DMC Poland

Wroclaw by ITS DMC Poland
Wroclaw is called a city of 1000 bridges, it also has a reputation of being Polish Silicon Valley and finally it is a place inhabited by the crowds of dwarves. These are just a few reasons why you should visit Wroclaw the capital of Lower Silesia region full of hidden tourist gems. Wroclaw was established in the 10th century and achieved its town’s status in 1214 or even a little bit earlier. This is why it has over a thousand years history. Currently, it has almost 650 thousand inhabitants and is one of the three biggest agglomerations in the south of Poland (other two include Katowice conurbation and Cracow). For tourists Wroclaw apart from its own attractions is also a gate to Sudetes Mountains tourist region and a starting point for palace and castles sightseeing of Lower Silesia region. Below you will find the top 10 attractions of Wroclaw and its vicinity provided to us by ITS DMC Poland, a local travel agent, so let us start our Polish adventure!

Top 10 attractions of Wroclaw by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. Wroclaw Market Square
  2. Ostrow Tu
  3. m
  4. ski (Old Town)
  5. Leopolidna Lecture Hall
  6. Raclawice Panorama
  7. Hydropolis
  8. National Museum
  9. Wroclaw Zoo (Africarium)
  10. Dwarves
  11. Centennial Hall
  12. Peace Churches
  13. of Jawor and Swidnica
  14. Książ Castle

Wroclaw’s Old Town

Wroclaw’s Old Town has two centres the Market Square with the beautiful Town Hall and Ostrow Tumski district with the Cathedral of St. John’s the Baptist. The Old Market Square in Wrocław has almost 3.8 hectare and is one of the biggest old squares in Poland (after Kraków and Olecko) and Europe. Around the market there are 60 decorative, historic tenement houses in which tourists can enjoy themselves in restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Ostrów Tumski on the other hand is the oldest part of Wrocław with the magnificent cathedral and the Diocese Museum and the Church of the Holly Cross. ITS DMC Poland also suggests taking a steamboat cruise to discover Wroclaw from the river side. Finally, all over Wroclaw’s Old Town and other main tourist attractions visitors encounter Wroclaw’s speciality which is numerous and funny thematic Wroclaw figurines of dwarves. It is also possible to sightsee the city along following the trail of dwarves.

Wrocław museums

Wroclaw has many interesting museums. First of all, there is the new and modern water museum called Hydropolis. It is also worth to visit art collections in Wroclaw National Museum and Raclawice Panorama. Raclawice Panorama is a unique painting that is displayed in a special cylindrical museum in the city centre. Another interesting place recommended by ITS DMC Poland is Wroclaw’s University Museum with Leopoldina Lecture Hall. Wroclaw University can boast the biggest number of Nobel prize winners graduates in the world, so the exhibition is really interesting.

Centennial Hall and its vicinity

The Centennial Hall with the Four Domes Pavilion is the only Wroclaw’s place inscribed at prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The hall from its beginning was designed as a multi-functional structure to host exhibitions, concerts, theatrical and opera performances, and sporting events. It has seats for 7 thousand spectators and is open for sightseeing. The Four Domes Pavilion is a centre of modern art. The historic Centennial Exhibition Complex includes also the country’s oldest zoo and one of the biggest facilities of this type in Europe. Lately, the most popular place in the zoo is the newly opened, first Polish oceanarium devoted entirely to African animals called Africarium. ITS DMC Poland also advises to visit tranquil Japanese Garden and the tourist-luring multimedia Pergola Fountain which are located just by the Centennial hall and the zoo.

Wroclaw’s vicinity

Wroclaw’s vicinity is full of marvels, there are the Sudetes, Klodzko Valley, numerous palaces and castles, WWII monuments and interesting caves and mines. This time though we want to concentrate on two highlights. Very close to Wroclaw the are small towns of Jawor and Swidnica. Tourists can find there the true gems of wooden architecture which are the Protestant Peace Churches of Jawor and Swidnica. These huge and beautiful constructions have even been enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. Finally, another place worth visiting recommended by ITS DMC Poland is Walbrzych town with one of the biggest castles – Książ. The place is also very mysterious as it is shrouded in numerous WWII conspiracy theories. Książ is one of three biggest castles in Poland (other two include Wawel and Malbork Castles) was redesign to become Adolf Hitler’s headquarters, so the speculations and guesses are infinitive here.

Summing up, Wroclaw and its vicinity have really much to offer to all tourists and people who want to discover the beauty of Poland. The biggest agglomeration in the south-west part of the country is a real tourist gem, still undiscovered by wider masses of international tourists. This is one more reason to check it on your own. If any of the above attractions and sights caught your attention, get inspired and visit Poland. ITS DMC Poland will be happy to help you with all your group trip preparations and organisation. Don’t wait any longer, begin your journey still today!