Tips to lower your costs when travelling on a budget!

travelling on a budget

Budget holidays have become popular once again. There was a time when people would stay with the relatives or friends, they would venture outdoors with a backpack and travel without spending a small fortune. Then came in the luxury of hotels and nonstop flights operating on multiple timeslots in a day, which changed the nature of traveling and budget holidays were a thing of the past. As the expenses of traveling soar and people become conscious of their savings, more people are looking for budget holidays.

Unless you can explore an entire country being a backpacker, you need to know a few smart ways to save money. Here are some tips to lower your costs when traveling on a budget.

  • Always be sure of where you are going and where you would land. Don’t believe any information that is just fed to you. Travel agencies, low cost airlines and even tour guides are notorious for misquoting and providing wrong information. Don’t arrive at an airport presuming that your destination is a mere ten miles when it is actually a hundred miles. Don’t presume a drive is just ten minutes and shall cost accordingly when you may have to be on the road for half an hour. Do due research and be sure that all travel information, location details and other resources are factual.
  • Don’t indulge in unnecessary expenses. Turn off your data, don’t call up anyone at the whim and certainly avoid long distance calls. Try to use local phones when you need to call local numbers. Don’t use hotel phones unless you know the charges.
  • Avoid high street shopping sprees. Look for local shops, whether you want some souvenirs or you wish to buy something unique. Avoid big labels and upscale markets.
  • Whatever is the limit on your cabin baggage or hand luggage, use it to the fullest or the last ounce and ensure that you don’t cross the weight limit. Even with the luggage in the cargo, don’t cross the threshold. Hire companies like and use such courier service to Portugal or elsewhere to send excess luggage. Don’t pay the airlines extra.
  • Don’t exchange currencies at any random place. Find out where you would get the best exchange rates.
  • Get prepaid cards or credit cards that have appropriate reward systems, which can actually get some of your money back through the points.
  • Always look for discounts, no matter where you are and what you are paying for.