Three Reasons to Love Golf


Since its invention over 400 years ago, this time-honoured tradition will by no means be dying out anytime soon. Originally played in Scotland, people from all corners of the globe can now enjoy golf, a game evolved into something people bond and connect over. In short, this is one of the best sports you can play, and if you have not picked up a club before, it may yet be the time to do so.

People who love to golf find that they have entire communities with whom they can enjoy their hobby, and there are competitions of varying size every single year to give them something with which to challenge themselves. No matter how you look at it, the chance to meet new people and see exotic horizons can be met with golfing.


Compared to other sports, few require as much precision and skill just to pick up casually. In fact, golf was and remains one of the most difficult sports to learn. To stand a chance at a low score, you must consistently hit the ball into the area you want located metres away, a feat more difficult than it sounds.

While you may feel discouraged in the beginning as you initially build your skills, know that each club swing brings you closer to a great game. As with any sport, hobby, or job, you gain more and more satisfaction as you improve your technique and skill sets.

Tour the World

Golf weekend packages allow you to tour areas of your country you may never have even known existed. Once you play every course there, you can choose packages that allow you to fly to many exotic locations and spend your days golfing some of the most unique and beautiful greens in the world. Many golf enthusiasts make this an opportunity to explore and expand their horizons.

For example, you could book an extended golfing tour across half of Australia, spending your nights in a resort and your days playing and exploring under the warm sun. Afterward, you could book a trip to Thailand, second only to Australia in the number and beauty of its courses. Such packages often reduce the price of the trip by combining accommodation and other amenities into one price, making it possible for nearly any travel budget to accommodate the idea.


Turn for a moment to the TV programs dedicated to golf games and try to find a single golfer who is overweight or unfit. In golf, you are constantly on your feet, and you can choose to walk the course rather than riding on a cart.

If you choose to walk, you can burn well over a thousand calories in a single game, and yet you still burn quite a lot with the game itself even if you do not walk. Not only do you get to spend some time in the beauty of Australian nature, but you get to watch the kilograms all but melt off of you the more you play. After a short period of time, you may yet get to move into a brand new wardrobe.