The Upside of Helicopter Sightseeing


There’s just nothing quite like a helicopter ride on a fine summer day.From carriages clattering along cobblestone roads outside Versailles or Victorian London to roadsters zooming through the streets of New York and Hollywood, the modes of conveyance may have changed, but the allure and luxury of sightseeing in an exotic locale certainly hasn’t.

Today’s savvy tourists are gravitating more and more towards helicopter sightseeing, and with good reason—several in fact.

For starters, let’s face it—no matter how much we might allover to go on holiday forever, unless you dwell not just among the upper crust of society but can count yourself as the cream and cherry on top at that, sooner or later the vacation has got to end.  That being said, you don’t want to go back to the mundanities of everyday life before taking in as much of what your holiday locale has to offer as possible.  Helicopter sightseeing therefore allows you to see as many of the sights in a given city or region as possible before the enchanted holiday time comes to an end.  What’s more, between the majesty of taking to the air and the grandeur of soaring above passersby on the ground, there’s just something alluring about the thought of traveling by helicopter.  One might go so far as to describe it as its own little holiday within a holiday, and certainly worthy of those previous comparisons to those past conveyances of luxury, the Old World carriage and antique roadster.

So, how can you go about securing the best rates when it comes to booking your turn helicopter sightseeing?  First thing’s first you’ll want to determine where you want to visit, both the general location and more specific areas within that.  Many helicopter sightseeing services have flight and tourism plans build around a certain flightpath and landmarks therein.  What do you want to see most?  What do you want to see on foot, little by little, and what landmarks are you happy to pass by from an aerial perspective?

In the end, you’ll want to take to the Internet and find sights which offer for comparative rates for different areas and cities.  There is, for example, any different helicopter sightseeing UK-based companies offering out of different cities—London, Manchester, Stratford, and so on.

Pick your destination, choose the best rate, and from there all that’s left is to go up, up, and away with helicopter sightseeing—the only way to travel, and the best way to see the sights in such a short time!