Sailing the Seas in Antique Boats


If you enjoy sailing, or just love being on the water and relaxing to the slap of the waves on the side of your boat, maybe an antique boat is just what you want. Classic and antique boats range from sailboats, to cabin cruisers, to outboard motor boats, to canoes. Your choice will depend on how you want to spend your time aboard, and what level of physical effort you want to put in. There are, in fact, quite a few antique boats in the waters off Canada and the United States especially off the shores of Wisconsin. Some antique boats are even houseboats, whose owners virtually live aboard.

Copy Cat Boats vs Antiques

There are often excellent buys in antique boats for shoppers who are careful and determined. Other options include reproductions of lovely old boats. Many of these “copycat boats” look exactly like antique boats, but do not require as much attention as the really old boats whose look they mimic. For example, for the same $5,000, if you really do your homework, you can probably buy either a real antique canoe made more than 60 years ago, or a beautiful reproduction that looks exactly the same. Antique boats in good condition are perfectly seaworthy, if they are carefully maintained.

Canoes or Ships…You Choose

You might be happy with a beautiful old canoe if you’re planning your water fantasy on one of the great rivers. However, if your aim is higher and wider, there are much larger antique boats available. You can even find antique boats or ships for sale that were originally made for the U.S. navy. You are probably not looking for an aircraft carrier, but many smaller naval craft are offered for purchase when they are retired from service. Keep in mind that buying an antique ship from the navy probably guarantees it is in good shape. Many, many sailors worked daily to keep this antique in “ship-shape” condition.


Although you’ll find many different kinds of antique boats offered for your consideration, remember that they will not all be in perfect condition. Examine your prospective purchase with care. Its condition should be taken in to account when determining the value of an antique boat. You might want to check on where the boat has been stored and how it was used before you commit any money to the purchase. A protected area of storage will obviously keep a boat in better condition than if it is left outside. Excellent price guides on antique boats are available, and there are Internet forums where you can find out what’s current about antique boats. Make sure the antique boat you are considering is a good buy for you by using all available resources.