Romancing The Road – Turn a Vintage Bus into a Mobile Home


Hitting the highways in a mobile home is the big dream of all modern nomads out there. But unlike the adventurers of yore, today’s adventurers are not ready to give up on comfort – traveling in style is the motto of this new generation of roadies. A five-star travel experience is no longer a pie-in-the-sky for these people with wheels on their feet. Grab a vintage bus conversion for sale at a cheap price, curve a cozy living quarter out of it, and take it on road trips across the US with your family and friends to give you company.

The question that might be ringing in your mind at this point is – why opt for a bus-conversion in the first place, and why not go for an up-to-date RV model? Secondly, why a vintage bus? What is so appealing about a vehicle, which may in all probability be older than we are? The answer is simple – a vintage bus makes a practical choice for all those savvy wayfarers. Here is how.

An Amazing Price Point

If you find the price-tag of the high-end motor home models a bit discouraging, a bus-turned-mobile home offers an affordable alternative with all the bells and whistles of a luxury motor home. A high quality bus chassis with considerable height – something that multi-million dollar motor homes are built on – can be bought for a song. You can get a well-maintained bus for as low as $8000 without compromising the quality aspect. However, be prepared for some customization that will need some additional time and money. And believe us, this part is going to be fun.

A Sturdy Frame to Support You through the Trips

RVs are a bit sensitive, so to say. You take good care of them and they will remain loyal to you. Neglect them and you will face the penalties, in the form of poor mileage, low performance and so on. Buses give you no such troubles. You can go easy on maintenance. They are sturdier than traditional RVs and have a relatively long life. Designed for constant commercial service and carrying heavy loads in forms of passengers and baggage, buses are expected to go millions of miles, before finding its way to junkyard. If you want a home that is built to last, has a solid structure to carry you, is high on style and character, but does not require you to splurge a huge cash on it, then a used vintage bus is the way to go.

Easy Living and Parking Twenty or thirty years back, buses looked charming with their rounded edges and silver-linings. Their 35-feet length exuded a quiet confidence without looking overbearing like their 40-feet successors. While this much space is more than adequate for convenient living in a gadget-backed environment, the smaller form offers other benefits. It will be easier for you to find parking spaces in the RV parks, especially in the national camping grounds, which typically have space-crunch for longer motor homes. These diesel-powered mobile-homes will allow you to temporarily throw down the anchor just about anywhere – on a Wal-Mart parking lot to the state parks and from private RV parks to remote boondocking spots without hookups.

The vintage bus market is thriving. Finding a suitable bus conversion for sale is easier than ever. With research and an eye for the gold, you can find amazing deals in the $10,000 to $30,000 range. Add some customization, throw in technologies, be creative with the interior, and you will soon have a unique home-on-wheels at a fraction of the price of a brand-new high-end RV.