Rock climbing for adventure lovers


One of the most enjoying and fun filled activities for adventure enthusiasts is rock climbing. This activity can be either along the natural rock formations when on the trek or probably on any artificial rock wall. Here, the objective of the rock climbers is to ensure that the top is ascended and make use of the smaller rock formations for gripping to achieve their goals.

Useful tips for amateur rock climbers

  • Learn the ropes: As the individual gets ready to start rock climbing, he does not just start off, right from the word go. Basically, rock climbing is stated to be a dangerous sport. Hence, adequate precautionary measures are to be taken and the different techniques are to be learnt before climbing is attempted. The professionals are likely to help the first timers to climb rocks the right and correct way. Any wrong move will create unwanted hazards for the person. It is also crucial to practice regularly at the indoor climbing centers or gyms. It will train the person to be agile and fully fit for rock climbing.
  • Team sport: This is exactly what rock climbing is all about. Going alone is a bad idea. There should be a group who should be interested in this form of sport. This way, every person can boost the morale of the other to perform much better with every step taken. They can also specify the best rocks to put the steps on and also share their own experiences.
  • Following the rules and regulations: It is equally necessary for the amateur to get to know the different techniques, rules and regulations that govern rock climbing sessions. Using professional tips offered by the experts can help the person to be safe and careful throughout the trip.

Rock climbing in Bangalore camps

Event: Badami Rock Climbing

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Time: 12 am

Organized by: Adventure Junkie

Location: Badami Cave Temples

Fees: Rs. 4500

Details: Previously called Vatapi, is located about 150 kms of Hampi, towards the North West. It is a wonderful place for rock climbing purpose. This place is known to have its own share of history, with Vatapi being the capital of the Chalukyas of Badami. One can get to see the rock cut temples that are quite fascinating. There are also several tourist attractions located nearby. Rock climbing enthusiasts not only from the country, but also from across the globe comes here to participate in the different events that are conducted here from time to time. It is indeed the perfect place for both amateurs and the experts alike.

Overall, rock climbing is a fabulous sport that is being enjoyed by millions across the globe including Indians of varying ages. This requires the person to be strong, powerful, bold and adventurous at heart. He should be able to withstand all the hardships that are to be taken when climbing the rocks and the difficult levels are to vary with the terrain.  He needs to select a camp that offers him with the right level of rock climbing experience and exposure.