Rent a Car 101: The Pros and the Cons of Renting a Car

Rent a Car

Renting a car is very convenient nowadays, especially if you are not the type of person who uses a car on a daily basis. Rental cars are usually used on a business trip, family vacations, honeymoons, dates, weddings, and other important events. But just like any other businesses on the market, car rental industries also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To give an answer to this problem, below are the pros and cons of renting a car that can help you to determine which option is more practical.

The Pros of Renting a Car

  • Buying a Car is Not a Necessity – If you leave in a bigger city, owning a car is not a necessity. Usually, larger cities have better public transportation compared to others. Besides, having your own car in a large city could cost you a lot. Expenses such as maintenance, repairs, tires, oils, taxes, auto insurance, parking space at your house unit, and parking space at work. Because of these expenses, owning a car is not a necessity.
  • Best For Vacation – If you have your own car when going to a business or vacation trip, there’s a huge possibility that your car’s going to be weary and damage. Since repair and maintenance can cost you a lot, renting a car can save your wallet from this scenario.
  • Privilege to Use Huge Vehicles – Renting a huge vehicle is good if you have a bigger family and friends when traveling. Actually, a huge vehicle is convenient and sensible, some of these suv and truck car rentals are fuel-efficient and spacious, so your passenger can feel more relax inside the vehicle.
  • Good Quality Service – If there’s a scenario wherein during your rental period, the car has been broken or will experience a breakdown, regardless on your location, the rental company will send a replacement with no additional fee. This service is actually pretty great especially if you have longer trips with your family or friends.

The Cons of Renting a Car

  • Firm Terms and Conditions – Some car rental companies, one of their policies is to provide very strict terms and conditions. This is to ensure that the renter should exert an effort to be more extra careful with their vehicles when driving.
  • Limited Choice of Car Models – For some renters, car renting should always depend on the model of the vehicle. But some car rental companies are always offering the same make and model of the vehicle which renters admit that sometimes, they run out of the choices.
  • Fraudster’s Favorite – Since many car rental companies are providing their logos on the rented vehicles, many scammers and fraudsters use this opportunity to victimize the renters. They usually pretend to be one of the car rental staff or agent asking for additional payment to suspicious offers or never-heard fees. If this happens, contact the car rental company right away to report this event to them. You can simply verify and ask if this suspicious fees are legit or not, and do not give any money and confidential information to these fraudsters. Doing this can save you from being a victim to these low-class fraudsters and scammers.

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