Norfolk Island: A Rich History and an Even Richer Holiday Scene


For many centuries on end, Norfolk Island was the exclusive domain of East Polynesian settlers, as evidenced by the plethora of stone stools, Polynesian wildlife, and banana trees left behind by these ancient migrants. However, due to a general lack of provisions, infrastructure, and protection, these early nomadic settlers disappeared during the early 1700s, which indirectly cleared the way for subsequent British explorers.

From the 1780s to the 1850s, Norfolk Island served as Great Britain’s primary penal colony and it was actually the first-ever European settlement in Australia. Massive stone buildings were erected to support the punitive operations but after realising that the island’s pine trees were unsuitable for extensive construction, the British government decided to abandon the island as it no longer served the purposes of expansion and colonisation.

Shortly thereafter, the nearby Pitcairn Islanders made a conserved decision to migrate to Norfolk Island in an effort to start a new life, a choice that proved to be quite fruitful given the abandoned infrastructure left behind by the British penal settlement. They established customary farming and whaling industries on the island without obscuring its rich history along the way, effectively preserving its timeless storylines as well as its natural beauty. As a result, present-day Norfolk is one of the most historically significant areas in the entire Pacific region.

A Modern-Day Norfolk Island Getaway

From its picturesque shorelines and awe-inspiring birdwatching tours to the host of high-end restaurants and well-preserved museums dotting the region, there is truly something for everyone to see and do on this remarkable island. But due to the fact that this area is still unspoilt and relatively untouched by commercial activity, you’ll be able to explore, relax, and engage in various activities without having to deal with inordinate crowds, time-consuming lines, and generic tour options, which happen to be the calling cards of highly publicised vacation destinations in today’s day and age.

However, if you’d like to book a luxury accommodation in Norfolk Island without tearing a hole through your wallet along the way, it’s in your best interests to focus on a few specific features and characteristics.

Booking the Perfect Holiday

Regardless of whether you wish to engage in snorkelling expeditions, exciting nature treks, shopping excursions, or nighttime jaunts, you’ll obviously want to place yourself in the midst of all the action. In this regard, you’ll want to find a lodging option that features the following salient traits:

  • Easily Accessible: By booking your stay in a centralised location such as Queen Elizabeth Avenue, you’ll be able to ensure that every attraction, shop, and event stays within arm’s reach during your holiday. From the convict ruins in Kingston to the countless retail centres, art galleries, restaurants, and cafés in the area, Queen Elizabeth Avenue is truly the place to be.
  • Amenities: From double spa baths and fully functional kitchenettes to LCD TVs, IDD phones, and spacious lounges, it’s worth noting that the most reputable lodging options on Norfolk Island tend to take luxury to the next level without demanding an exorbitant rate in return.
  • Package Deals: The best-rated resorts pride themselves on offering a one-stop shop to travellers from all over the world so make sure that you book your stay with a hotel that can provide airport transfers, continental breakfasts, island tours, car rentals, and return airfare on an in-house basis.