New Year is here


The New Year is a very joyous occasion all over the world. It marks the beginning of a new time frame. Everyone has something to look forward to in the New Year. They make new goals for themselves and also set resolutions which they will surely fulfil. 1st January is the first day of the most commonly used modern Gregorian calendar, and this day is celebrated worldwide as the New Year Day. Janus is the Roman god of new beginnings and gateways and the month of January is named after this god. New Year is the most widely celebrated public holiday and all the countries which follow the Gregorian calendar celebrate it in January 1st.

People start their New Year celebrations from the New Year’s Eve itself, which is the evening before the New Year’s Day. They bring their friends and family together to join in parties and gatherings. It is a customary ritual to start the backwards counting from 10 to 0 when only ten seconds are left for it to be midnight. Fireworks are burst which fill the night sky with brilliant lights and colours. It is a very astounding thing to watch. People hug and congratulate each other after wishing them a very Happy New Year.

Customs and Traditions

This day symbolises a do-over for all the past mistakes you have committed in the gone year. It is the beginning of something new and fresh. You can start all over again. People often sit together in gatherings and talk about all the good and bad memories they have shared in the previous year. They set new aims for themselves which they have to complete before the year goes by. New Year resolutions are another common tradition followed by people all over. Mainly the day is celebrated with your near and dear ones in a grand feast. Families sit and dine together a sumptuous meal whilst exchanging memories, wishes and happy thoughts. The major festivities take place on 31st December or the New Year’s Eve. Many places even organise huge parades for the occasion.

Celebrations in India

Here in India too January 1st is majorly observed as the New Year Day as Indians too follow the Gregorian calendar. Though some people also follow the Hindu calendar which has a separate New Year Day, 1st January is universally celebrated. Families come together as a whole to rejoice in this special occasion. They wear new clothes and go about taking part in fun activities. A lot of parties and events also take place especially for the New Year. All the metro cities are famous for these events, such as New Year parties in Chennai will be much grander than the parties in the other nearby cities. All the movie theatres, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and amusement parks are extra busy catering to the customers on this day.

Children and even adults share New Year greeting cards to their close friends and family members. This way you express your love and care for them. So welcome the coming year and rejoice in its arrival.