Let’s Get Naked! Guide To The Best Nude Beaches In Australia

Nude Beaches In Australia

Every people would love to flaunt a good tan every summer. Over the year, Australia has made a name for it to have some of the fantastic nude beaches. People who suffer from body positivity issues are not willing to go and enjoy their time on nude beaches. Nude beaches are known for welcoming people with various shape, size, and colour without anyone judging them. For every first time getting naked in front of other people can be a terrifying thought. All the tourist and people who visit nude beaches in Australia are too content to look at another person.

The nude beaches in Australia have some breathtaking views and are very picturesque with clean sand. Everyone who is already present in the nude beach won’t make a big deal when someone strips down on the beach for the first one. Although every nude beach has specific rules that one needs to follow, some of the rules are not to litter, no taking pictures, not to stare at other people, get sexual and mainly not to go outside of the designated area of the beach. As the cops won’t charge a fine for being nude, but they might take legal actions if someone breaks the rule. Also, it is essential to carry sunscreen to avoid sunburn and a towel to sit. People who are willing to travel to Australia can check out HotOzCoupons and get amazing deals on international flights.

Well know nude beaches in Australia.

Some of the famous nude beaches in Australia are listed as follows.

Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

The Lady Bay Beach in Sydney is the oldest nudist beach in Australia. Nude beaches were legalized in the year 1976, but even before that Lady Bay Beach was there for women and men. This was a hot tourist spot, especially for gay men, and people were not afraid to strip down. Lady Bay Beach is known for having two natural rocky piers. Nowadays, the place hosts gay men and women, straight people, family, and children. They are not ashamed and have the best time of their life. The beach is 100m long, and the water is calm so one cannot surf.

Maslin Beach, Adelaide, South Australia

Maslin Beach, Adelaide, South Australia


Maslin Beach is also known as the Nude Olympics. The first legalized nude beach in Australia is Maslin Beach. This beach got legalized for nudity in the year 1975. The beach stretches over 1.5 kilometres that permits full nudity. Maslin Beach is known to have the best bum competition. People who are willing to go to Maslin beach can travel by public transport. It is situated 4 to 5 kilometre south of Adelaide. This is an urban beach and has small shacks for food and drinks.

Alexandria Bay, Noosa, Queensland

This place is a secret destination, and most of the people aren’t aware it exists. People who decide on a hike through the Noosa National Park gets to see the beautiful, pristine strips of yellow sand of the Alexandria Bay. The beach is calm and quiet and would make you feel more connected to nature when you strip down and take a dip in the sparkling water. One should pack some shorts and tops as they can stop for some snacks and ice cream at Hasting Street in Noosa. There will be no mobile reception available, but one can use the emergency phones situated at both ends of the bay. Although one should know that there are no legal nude beaches in Queensland and one should keep their eyes open for police arrests.

North Swanbourne Beach, Perth, Western Australia

Over the year the North Swanbourne Beach has made a name for itself for being a nude beach. Tourist is confused about whether or not it is a legal nude beach or not. The beach has no clothing optional where people can strip down and enjoy the water. North Swanbourne beach is spread across 3km and has a breathtaking view. Things to remember while visiting the beach always carry a hat and an umbrella, as there are no trees to give shade. People can have a 20-minute drive from the Perth City Center to reach their destination.

For people who are enthusiastic about visiting a nude beach can try and check the destinations mentioned above. Australia is already known for this beauty and nature. The nude beaches here make it even more famous among tourists. Just do your research properly beforehand and abide by the laws so that you don’t get into any kind of trouble.