Hotel accommodation vs. self-catering stays – Which one should you choose?

Planning a vacation can be stressful to say the least. There are so many factors you need to consider. From picking a destination, to choosing accommodation, to budgeting for your trip – the list goes on, and on, and on. However, this post is here to make one decision a lot easier. Should you stay in a hotel or should you opt for self-catering accommodation, such as a cottage? This is a decision you definitely should not rush into. Nonetheless, this post will present you with the advantages and disadvantages associated with both options so that you have all of the information required to make the right decision for you. After all, there is no right or wrong choice, it is about finding the right accommodation for your needs and wants specifically.

What are the advantages of staying in self-catering accommodation?

  • More space – Self-catering accommodation is generally a lot bigger than hotel accommodation. This is because hotels consist of individual rooms, whilst most self-catering options are in the form of homes, cottages, or at the least an apartment. Moreover, you can look for a property boasting a large garden for you to enjoy yourself.
  • Low prices – One of the main reasons why self-catering accommodation is soaring in popularity is because of the low prices associated with this option. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money, especially when compared with hotel prices. This is because most self-catering cottages and apartments charge per week rather than per night. Moreover, it is very unlikely that you will find self-catering accommodation that charges per person. There will be a set price for the accommodation irrespective of how many people stay there.
  • Beautiful locations – In addition to this, if you stay in a self-catering cottage you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the most stunning scenery. A lot of cottages are located in rural areas or by the seaside and thus you can really make the most of your views.
  • Peace and quiet – When staying in self-catering accommodation you need not worry about hotel staff knocking on your door, nor do you need to concern yourself with disruptive guests.

What are the disadvantages of staying in self-catering accommodation?

  • Lack of help available – If you stay in self-catering accommodation you won’t benefit from the assistance you would if you stayed in a hotel. In hotels you can easily pop to the reception desk whenever you have a question, need a taxi booked, and so on and so forth. You are left to your own devices if you choose this option.
  • Fewer amenities – In general, you won’t have as many amenities as you would if you stayed in a hotel. This is something that differs from accommodation to accommodation, thus you will need to enquire about it. However, typically you will find that a lot of self-catering properties do not come complete with Internet access and other luxuries, such as swimming pools. Nonetheless, there are of course those that do; yet they will be set at a greater cost.
  • Lack of atmosphere – A lot of people love the hustle and bustle associated with staying in a hotel. They like the chance to speak to other guests and make new friends. If you choose to stay in a self-catering property you are going to be missing out on this.

What are the advantages of staying in a hotel?

  • All-inclusive – Most hotels give you the option of selecting an all-inclusive package. If you go down this route all of your drinks and meals will be included in the full amount you initially pay for your stay. This is beneficial as whenever you need a snack or a beverage you can get one without having to worry about the cost. Moreover, it allows you to budget for your trip better. After all, you will have paid for the majority of your expenses upfront. This eliminates the worry a lot of people experience when they go on vacation.
  • Extra amenities – If you stay in a hotel you are going to benefit from more amenities than you would with any other type of accommodation. This includes everything from a gift shop, to a restaurant, to a gym, to a swimming pool, to a sauna, and more. A lot of hotels also offer additional services at an extra cost; this includes the likes of dry cleaning and room service. Everything you need is provided for you. You won’t have to go searching for leisure and entertainment activities as the hotel will have them.
  • Internet access – Virtually all hotels offer Internet access nowadays. This is important for a lot of individuals, as there are those that need to keep up to date with work correspondence when they are on vacation. Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that you may have to pay for Internet access. This is something you should enquire about. After all, if the hotel charges for Internet access per the hour, it can easily end up being a costly expense.

What are the disadvantages of staying in a hotel?

  • Lack of privacy – One of the main reasons why people dislike staying in a hotel is because of the lack of privacy. When in the lobby area you are going to have staff surrounding you, and in most cases there will be security cameras watching your every move. A lot of people dislike this as they find it more difficult to relax. In addition to this, you may be subject to maids and other hotel staff letting themselves in to clean your room or fix a problem.
  • Lack of peace and quiet – When staying in a hotel you can often suffer at the hands of noisy hotel guests. There is no predicting who could be staying in the room next to you, and unfortunately many trips have been spoilt because of inconsiderate guests. Of course you can complain if you are suffering and it is likely that the hotel will take steps to resolve the issue.
  • High costs – There is no denying the fact that hotels tend to be the most costly accommodation option. Most hotels charge per night, and some even charge per person on top of this. Thus the costs can easily mount up.
  • Lack of space – On a final note, another disadvantage associated with this type of accommodation is the fact that you will literally be staying in a room. This can be quite cramped, especially for those who are going on holiday with their children. When you compare the space you receive in a hotel room with that you will get when residing in a cottage, the difference is astounding.

Hopefully this post will have provided you with the full picture regarding the pros and cons associated with hotels and self-catering accommodation. As mentioned in the introduction, there is no right or wrong option. It is all about finding the right solution for your needs and wants specifically. If you are someone who prefers peace and quiet or you have a tight budget to stick to, a self-catering cottage would be ideal. However, if you are someone who wants to benefit from a swimming pool and other extra amenities, then you’d probably be best suited to a stay in a hotel.


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