Is Your Next Holiday in the Great Outdoors

It has become very popular of late to drive around and see our own country. Apart from the fact that you get to experience the beauty of the great outdoors in your own beautiful backyard, the biggest benefit is the fact that you save real money in doing so! Most people associate going on a holiday with going on an exotic overseas trip, but there are actually plenty of things to do right at home.

Perhaps the single biggest reason why we don’t tend to see our own state, or country, is because when we live there we settle. We may travel to other countries and label them exotic, but it’s always wise to remember that a country like New Zealand is actually considered just as exotic by the tourists who come here! In this sense, an exotic holiday is really just pure perception.

Things to See in Your Own Backyard

New Zealand is a truly beautiful country. One can drive across rugged landscape, see majestic lakes, and even visit ancient volcanic sites. The country has not been home to some of the most famous movies for no reason at all! Sweeping vistas and gorgeous sites are really just a drive away, which is more than enough reason to make it your next holiday destination.

Even if you’re stuck for what to do, here are some must-see sites in New Zealand that should form part of your next road trip:

  • Milford Sound: A majestic fjord on the South Island, Milford Sound presents every nature lover with more than enough to calm their soul. If nature walks, glaciers, and walking trails are your thing, then this is the place to be! Just make sure that you bring a jacket as it can get a bit chilly. Just ask the Penguins that can be found here!
  • Doubtful Sound: While you’re in the area of Milford Sound, why not check out nearby Doubtful Sound as well? There’s more wilderness here, including dolphins. You can even experience scuba diving if you have the appetite for a little more adventure.
  • Waitomo Glowworm caves: If you happen to be holidaying on the North Island, there’s no way you can have a holiday without seeing the spectacular Waitomo Glowworm caves! The Arachnocampa Luminosa, the glowworm that provides such eerie and beautiful light in the Waitomo caves, is specific to New Zealand.
  • Otago Central Rail Trail: For something a little different, the South Island based Central Rail Trail stretches for 150 kilometres, and accommodates walkers, cyclists, and horse riding enthusiasts.

See the World through Fresh Eyes

New Zealand offers a huge number of exotic locations for the adventurer on holiday. In fact, why not grab a car rental in Queenstown and start exploring your own backyard? Not only will it be a much cheaper holiday, but it will likely also be one of the most memorable. You’ll get to see some of the most amazing sights the country has to offer, all from the comfort of a rental vehicle that is reliable, affordable, and comfortable.


Travelling Is the New Way to Find Yourself

If you’re like most people, you tend to save money most of the year for a vacation during the holiday season. Whether you go abroad or stay in your own home state, travelling is good for the mind, the body, and the soul, and here’s why:

  • A Change of Pace: There’s nothing as good as breaking routines and habits to stimulate the mind. If you’ve been busy working at your job most of the year, getting away from it even for a while can feed the body, the mind, and the spirit.
  • Personal Growth: It’s a proven fact that travelling does indeed broaden one’s horizons and one’s mind. The very act of breaking established routines can help the brain to grow in new ways, challenge established beliefs, and effect positive personal change.
  • Stress Relief: There is no doubt that going on a vacation not only clears the mind but also clears away the stresses of daily life. The winning combination of breaking routine and being stimulated by a new place is enough to relieve anxiety, stress, and even depression.

Advice for Affordable Vacations

Of course, not everyone can afford to go on a big holiday every year. In fact, many people can’t afford to go at all! The sad truth is that the pressures of living and making ends meet in an increasingly globalized and fragmented economy have taken their toll on families. This has impacted the number of people going on vacation but all is not lost. If you’re struggling this year to save enough money for a nice holiday, why not read through the following tips on making your next adventure more affordable?

  • Domestic Adventures: If you’ve lived in one state your whole life, the chances are pretty good that you’ve never bothered to see all that it has to offer. This is because most of us simply settle into life in one place and rarely move outside of our comfort zones. If you lack the necessary funds to go on a really big holiday this year, why not explore your own state’s backyard for a change of pace? The good news is that doing it this way is less likely to cost you a lot of money.
  • RV Rental: Whether you’ve explored your own state or not, it’s likely that you’ve always used your own car. The question is: why use your own vehicle when you can hire out an RV for a good price and get out on the road? Mini RV rental and the rental of other similar vehicles has grown in popularity in recent years as more and more people are discovering that a custom-engineered vacation vehicle that also offers sleeping and cooking facilities is an excellent way to get around. The great thing is that you can go wherever you want at any time you want, knowing that you can simply camp out in style without having to endure an uncomfortable tent.

Save Money on a Domestic Vacation

If you really want go on vacation this year but have been struggling to save money, why not check out your own state or the next state over? You can even hire an RV to make it more convenient.


Planning Your Next Special Event Is Easier Than You Think

Finding accommodations and event facilities for personal and business events is not that difficult, particularly since the area has so many competent facilities that look great and are reasonably priced. If you are planning to attend a wedding reception or corporate meeting that is far away from home, you are going to need accommodations but most of these facilities offer places to stay overnight as well as facilities for the event itself so this should not be a problem. In fact, these days many facilities offer a complete list of everything that you will need for your next event including places for guests to stay, the facility where the event will be held, catering, and even officiants and flowers should you need these. These facilities’ all-inclusive services make not only attending a special event easier and faster but also make planning an event more convenient as well. All you need to do is determine an estimate of the people who will likely be in attendance and the event facility will do the rest.

Planning an Event Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

At one time, it was common to hire different companies each time you had an event planned such as a wedding reception, board of directors’ meeting, retirement party, or even a religious event such as a baptism or bar mitzvah. You needed a separate hotel, a separate flower provider, a separate everything and then you had to bring together all these service companies and hope the event turned out right. Nowadays things are different because most facilities offer everything you need to make the event a success and this includes accommodations for out-of-town guests as part of their package options. Choosing a unique facility such as a Hunter Valley accommodation for groups of attendees is smart because this area has some of the most beautiful scenery around and the accommodations include everything from one-bedroom condos to five-bedroom mansions. Regardless of the size of your group or the function you are planning to attend, facilities such as these will make sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed while they are there. The accommodations are not only extremely elegant but also located near exciting things to do such as wineries and fine dining establishments, which means they offer both convenience and fun things to do.

All Types of Accommodations Are Available

When you think of accommodations, the first thing most people want is comfort and Hunter Valley accommodations definitely offer this. Many of them are located directly on the properties of well-known wineries and sheep farms and they all include amenities such as modern furniture, linens and towels, TV and DVD players, ironing boards, complete kitchens and bathrooms, and even shampoo and conditioner. Essentially, they include everything that you need for your trip so all you have to bring is your toothbrush and some clothes and you’re all set. When you are planning an event and want a facility that includes a place to hold the event and places for visitors to stay overnight, you are in luck because today’s facilities offer it all and they offer it at prices that most people can afford.


Why Should Tourists Book Vacation Rentals Online

Going on a vacation for a few days is an ideal way for many people to get away from the stress and monotony of everyday urban life. It is refreshes an individual’s mind and soul in addition to relaxing his/her senses. During this time, holidaymakers can expose themselves to the wonders of nature and spend some quality time with their friends and family. While planning a holiday, there a number of beautiful and exotic locations around the word these tourists can choose to visit. All they need to do is find a perfect holiday destination and a proper place to stay.

The professionals at Elan Vacations say the increasing prices of hotel rooms are forcing many people to look for cheaper accommodations while on holiday. This is the reason why many of them consider opting for vacation rentals. The advent of the internet has made it easier for such tourists to search for such lodgings in the destinations they are planning to visit. In fact, most travel websites contain plenty of information regarding the type of accommodation, the kind of amenities available at such places and their prices. These sites also provide distinct photographs of the lodgings and its nearby vicinity. The experts go on to explain that there a number of benefits of booking a vacation rental online. These are as follows:

  • Saves time

Online bookings save holidaymakers the time and trouble for searching for suitable accommodations stay when they reach their destination. Almost all tourists’ websites contain information about the lodging’s owner and his/her contact details. In addition to this, these online sites provide directions on what route tourists should take to reach such places from their nearest railway station or airport.

  • Plenty of options

All tourists’ websites normally have large databases contain vital information on the types of vacation rentals available at a particular holiday destination. People who are planning to go on a vacation cam search for a suitable place to stay according their choice and budget. The types of accommodations these online sites offer such holidaymakers are usually in the form of villas, private homes, apartments and chalets.

These experts clarify that before making an online booking, it is always prudent for tourists to have a look at the facilities available at such accommodation. This includes the number of rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and the amenities available in such lodgings. It is also important for holidaymakers to get more information about the location of the accommodation and its surrounding area before making a reservation. For instance, if they are searching for theme rental, these tourists may want to know about the local amusement parks and golf courses.

The experts at Elan Vacations further explain that in today’s tourism industry, vacation rentals have become crucial aspect for people to consider when going on holiday. The internet has made the task of searching such accommodations in a particular destination easier for tourists with the introduction of travel websites. However, it is important for such people to keep in mind their budget and type of accommodation they looking for when selecting for such rentals online.


Travel Industry Booming in Malaysia

Malaysia is an alluring travel destination. That is because the country trades its tropical beaches, mix of nature, and colourful culture for tourism profits that make it possible to see attractions that are as memorable as they are exciting.

Increasing the Tourist Trade

In fact, the country’s government identifies tourism as a key growth sector in its plans to make Malaysia a high-income country by 2020. The new Malaysia therefore will offer an increasing number of travel amenities from intimate boutique-style hotels to rustic and touristy jungle retreats. Hotels will be situated inside and outside adventure theme parks and be located close to international sporting facilities.

Since 2004, the tourism industry in Malaysia has enjoyed an average growth rate of 12% per annum. In 2014, alone, the country received record numbers of visitors, making the tourism industry Malaysia’s sixth largest economic contributor. Total receipts were in the billions of pounds so it is not surprising that you can find the best budget hotels in Malaysia.

The Third-Largest Travel Route Worldwide

According to travel reports, most visitors to Malaysia enter by way of Singapore. In fact, the Singapore Changi-Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA connection is the third-largest international route worldwide. Numerous flights occur regularly between Singapore and cities in both eastern Malaysia and peninsular Malaysia. In addition, border crossings exist at the Causeway in Johor Bahru as well as the Second Link at Iskandar.

Employment Looks Promising

According to one industry insider, the idea behind travel in Malaysia is to move with the times. Travel executives therefore want to show the vibrant and modern side of the country. To achieve its 2020 objective, the government has identified 12 enablers, or entry point projects (EPPs), in specifically defined areas including shopping, eco-resorts, hotel improvements, the spa industry, and golf. Industry professionals expect the sector to create as many as 497,000 new jobs by 2020, bringing the total number of travel employees to around 2.3 million workers.

A Focus on Ecotourism

The Eleventh Malaysia Plan for 2016 to 2020, which was released in 2015, supported tourism with a focus on ecotourism destinations. The country wishes to underscore its natural resources and cultural heritage in the future, both which appeal to more sophisticated travellers.

Shopping Is Popular

Malaysia recognises the intrinsic value of its biodiversity in such sites as the Royal Belum Rainforest and the Mulu National Park. In addition to these natural and appealing destinations, shopping still remains a critical part of Malaysia’s tourism trade. For example, retail space is expected to be introduced in Klang Valley by 2019. According to one property management company, Kuala Lumpur already averages more in the way of retail space than either Bangkok or Singapore.

Where to Find the Lower Rates

According to the Malaysian Association of Hotels, the lowest room rates are in the central state of Pahang. An overall occupancy rate of around 55% is experienced currently with occupancy expecting to continue to increase. Because the country expects to attract some 36 million tourists by 2020, it has made hotel development a tourism strategy. In the interim, you can still find low-cost accommodation in key areas of the country.


Thinking of Travelling to Malaysia? Book a Room in the Best Part of the City

With the advent of the Internet, once discreet locations are now swarming with high-strung tourists, all of whom are pursuing memorable vacations. In populous sightseeing centres such as Cancun and much of Europe, you’re likely to find thoroughfares, coastlines, and event facilities packed with a multi-ethnic flock of sightseers on a year-round basis. However, although meeting new people and indulging in new cultures is an amusing idea, facilitating an enjoyable vacation is usually a very stressful undertaking. But why?

Well, we all fantasise about drinking a cold beverage on an isolated tropical beach, but during our actual time off, we frequently end up spending most of our time in cramped transports, on crowded shorelines, and waiting in lines for attractions. By the time your holiday comes to a close, you’re probably more drained and frazzled than you were to begin with. This is due in large part to the widespread “herd mentality.” Let’s face it; everyone wants to go to Tokyo, the Caribbean, London, and other mainstream holiday sites as they are the most heavily promoted and publicised. But rather than booking an ordinary holiday in a common location, you should seek out a destination that can actually fulfil your sightseeing desires without putting extra stress on your shoulders.

Enter the capital of Malaysia and the country’s largest city: Kuala Lumpur.

Life in Kuala Lumpur

The tourism industry in Kuala Lumpur (KL) represents a huge portion of their service-driven economy. Contrary to popular belief, KL is one of the most frequented cities in the world even though you’ll rarely see boisterous advertisements about the location. With the boundless ethnic diversity, culturally conscious food establishments, budget hotels, incredible shopping centres, and low cost of living, it should come as no surprise to find out that approximately nine million tourists visit the area each year.

The Golden Triangle is a gorgeous area that stretches across a few of the most popular streets in the city, all of which are teeming with eateries, nightclubs, and friendly street vendors. Whether you want to take a tour through the Batu Caves or attend a show at the local philharmonic theatre, Kuala Lumpur is in close proximity to a seemingly infinite number of attractions. If you wish to be in the midst of all of the excitement,you should stay in a hotel near KLCC Park,which sits at the base of the world-famous Petronas Towers. If you prefer a more secluded holiday, on the other hand, you can opt for a cottage booking on the outskirts of the city instead. But in any case, you have to find the right hotel or alternative accommodation for your travel group.

Using the Internet to Find the Perfect Holiday Lodging

If you have settled on Kuala Lumpur as your holiday destination, it’s important to scope out the best accommodations, especially after considering how many cut-rate hotels dot the region. You should hop online and begin browsing through the available lodging options. This is will allow you to familiarise yourself with the city and ascertain which areas are closest to the attractions that pique your interest. After all, this won’t be a generic holiday, so you shouldn’t take a generic approach to planning your trip.