Antalya, Belek a Holiday Destination for All Seasons


Belek is a must-see destination in Antalya, Türkiye. Belek is popular for its rich history and stunning natural beauty. It is that rare holiday destination that allows you to enjoy nature and history. It is notable for magnificent beaches, huge luxury hotels, and golf tourism. If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can participate in many activities, regardless of the season, Antalya Belek may be the right location for you. So, when should you go to Antalya, Belek? Why should you go? Where should you stay in Belek? Let’s find out.

When to Go to Belek?

Belek, which has a Mediterranean climate, can be visited in every season, but summer months such as May, June and July are preferable for sea, sun and sand lovers.

Five Reasons to Go to Antalya Belek

Belek, with only 6,500 year-round inhabitants, doubles or even triples its population during the summer season. So, what makes Belek so popular and special? Here are Five Reasons to Go to Antalya Belek:

Places to Visit

Aspendos Theatre and Aspendos Ancient City, the most ancient Roman theatre in Anatolia with its intact stage, and the Garden of Tolerance (Garden of Religions), a haven for all three mono-theist religions, are both important cultural historical locations. Düden and Manavgat waterfalls are beautiful natural wonders which deserve a visit.

Golf Courses

Belek has recently broke-through in the field of golf tourism. Millions of international tourists come to Belek each year just for its golf courses. Belek is becoming a golf tourism centre for professional or amateur players, and even world-famous golfers. Belek’s lush golf courses reflect the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Luxury Accommodation Options

All inclusive Belek hotel services sometimes include sports outings, and various other activities including sightseeing tours. Five-star hotels are common although the accommodation standards are high throughout Belek. Belek is the epicentre of golf tourism in Türkiye with hotels now specifically catering to golfers’ desires. Belek’s seafront luxury hotels, built in harmony with nature, offer you a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Belek Delicacies

Belek’s famous culinary culture features fish, as well as sweet citrus fruits. Try the famous bergamot, watermelon, and citrus jams for breakfast and enjoy perfectly grilled in-season fish for dinner. Antalya’s specialty dishes such as Antalya Piyazı (Antalya Haricot Bean Salad), Kulak çorba (meat dumpling soup), Hibeş (a tahini spread with cumin, red pepper flakes and lemon juice), and locally produced yogurt found at restaurants and Belek hotels, are not to be missed.

Nightlife and Festivals

Belek’s nightlife is mostly found within the  5 star Belek hotels. The many entertainment options make it hard to choose which shows and concerts to attend during the high season. In addition to luxury Belek hotel venues, there are also cafes and bars to choose from. Belek also hosts a variety of themed festivals throughout the year. The Salsa festival held in July, Colour Splash in April and the Belek Culture and Gastronomy Festival in June are only three of the many festivals held each year.