A Couple Travel Tips for the Outdoorsman


If you are an avid hunter or fisherman (or woman) you may want to make your vacations revolve around your love of sports and the outdoors. OK, maybe not every vacation you take, but once in awhile it can be nice to toss a line in the water in a whole new place. And sometimes you just don’t have the option to hunt for certain game or fish for a certain catch in your own home area.

When you’re ready to expand your fishing and hunting repertoire, you are going to want to know how to go about doing something new. It’s really not that difficult if you have a little free time and maybe a computer or smartphone.

Start With Some Research

There are a couple different types of research you are going to need to do. First you are going to want to find out where you can hunt or fish for the game you are interested in, or research what game are available in the wild where you are planning to visit. And then you are going to need to find out what the rules and laws are revolving around fishing and hunting in those areas.

If you want to hunt alligators you’ll need to visit someplace like Florida. While you can find game ranches in many states where you can hunt game that may not be found in the wild, you also want to know the laws for things like shipping your game once you’ve got them. Many people head to Africa to hunt big game, but you may find you don’t get to bring your trophies home with you.

You may need special permits for different types of fishing and hunting. It might be wise to go out with a guide, both for your safety and to ensure you follow the laws and don’t end up in jail or fined. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and you especially don’t want to end up in jail in a foreign country.

Go Prepared

If your hunting or fishing is going to be done at a game ranch or through some sort of hunting or fishing service or guide, make sure you find out what types of things they will be providing. You don’t want to lug a rifle on vacation if you don’t have to, and if you need to it may change the way you need to travel. You also need to know the laws about traveling with such weapons in each and every state you are going to drive through.

Fishing on vacation may be a better bet, but you may also find that you are going to be a generous amount more for a permit as someone from out of state. And you definitely need to get a permit, because if you don’t have one you’re fishing illegally and that comes with fines.

Also, be sure to pick up hunting and fishing guide in the state and area you are visiting. This is the best way to know what is in season and what is legal to take!